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The Concept

Venturing into the art of pizza making, Coco Pazzeria is the newest concept from restauranteur Pino Luongo.


Taking a refreshed and innovative look at pizzas, he relied on his well-honed skills and creativity to come up with original thin crust pizzas which are neither Neapolitan nor Roman, but unique.


Several of the pizzas are made using Luongo’s renowned pasta sauces as pizza toppings, while all pizzas offer an imaginative take on the traditional. The introduction of a raw bar with oysters and assorted shellfish, plus a wine list featuring a vast selection of bubbles, is a “pazzo” twist on the pizzeria that could only come from his creative ingenuity!   

Photo of people clinking their champagne glasses

The Vibe

Coco Pazzeria provides a new type of pizzeria experience – stylish and inviting – with a focus on the food and a high energy atmosphere. While the heart of the restaurant remains the warm pizza ovens that fill the air with mouthwatering aromas, the face of the restaurant will be the “oysters and bubbles” bar. The Pazzeria’s are not the place you come to grab a slice and go, but rather a fun neighborhood hangout where customers linger for great food and crazy good times.

Photo of Amatriciana Pizza

The Food

Coco Pazzeria’s menu is defined by the quality of the ingredients sourced from throughout Italy; tomatoes from Cilento, fiordilatte from Campania, capers and anchovies from Sicily, oregano from Pantelleria, artisanal flour from the Neapolitan region and olive oil from Tuscany. 


Prepared and finished to perfection, the menu is a curated selection of thin crust pizzas, focaccia buzzetti, and panozzi.

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